free thought !!!!

I ll just write, to get insight of what lies in my mind. beautiful thing, how i see what i’m thinking. materialize all from what you visualize.. amazing.. the word play that can turn the weak crazy. Is it bad that I am my own best friend, the confidence i see in the mirror is opposite of the fuhrer and even fewer can stand in my path of greatness. Drag me through the sewer and i still arise purer. Can you feel my struggle, can you see my demons i’m at war woke even when i’m dreaming. endless seeing, my third eye bleeding from De-calcification. the fight the penetration to dig deeper to get satisfactory sensation. I’ve travel the universe from the space of my bed. meaning my head tunes into frequencies where i can communicate with the dead. perhaps i need to be slapped and wake from this daze, no just leave me alone let me be amazed. fuck it just call me crazy, if that make you comfortable leave me dazed with the lilies and daisy. the aroma of life, lets not for get death because without balance you don’t have shit


Calculated Loyalty

It’s not the same anymore.
They don’t ride the same anymore.
Is it fear or fame that they want?
I don’t know but it’s not the same anymore. Look in people eyes and realize they not riding like they used too. Buckle that heart up only way to be fool proof. Real has been commercialized, so fakes all they have to is buy. Catch me by myself because I will never be marginalized . I’m true . If I fucks with you then I fucks with you. Not need to count your flaws or weakness. on the tip of my tongue you wouldn’t find my enemies secrets . Loyalty is calculated in these times. Is it safe enough, does it benefit me. Loyalty is calculated that real shit is fading. Shoutout to those who cherish real loyalty.

The Generation to come!!!

I’am a product of what came before me! That statement expresses consciousness of a beginning, which ascribe responsibility to the one who knows. If that makes sense. I’m an African man in the  United States. There’re many labels they would love for me to answer to,but i prefer African. I also consider every brown person regardless of skin  complexion an African. The prosperity and elevation of the African is my passion,love and duty. Since that’s clear lets get into the hobbies and all the good stuff so you can sort of formulate a picture of the writer. Though the internet is the most judgmental, critical creature in existence i don’t give a fuck, lol you going to know me. In this blog i will be talking about where i come from, where i’m now and where i’m going to be. I will talk about political,religious, fitness, books i read, things i love and hate about people. i will post poems on whatever i feel. I’m INTJ who wants to connect actually see and understand the beauty outside of me.  Ya’ll stay cool and be cool. One Love